Interview: Injuries in Cycling

Hi Guys, it’s been a long time!! I was recently interviewed for the Cycling Time Trial Podcast and I thought it might be of interest…Enjoy!! Physioblogger CTTP: Injuries in Cycling Related PostsHappy New Year: A New Start for Physioblogger!! Welcome! Foot Mechanics in Gait: Part 3 – The Back Foot

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Foot and Ankle Dorsiflexion

How to Increase ROM – Foot and Ankle

Last week we discussed a general strategy for increasing ROM at a joint. I thought since we used hip extension as our example in that post I would go to the foot and ankle next. I just want to show how the same simple strategies can apply in a joint very different to the hip. […]

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Stubborn Thoracic

The Stubborn Thoracic!!

Now I know we’ve all come across a stubborn thoracic spine before. I’m not a big one for worrying about posture.  However, sometimes it’s pretty clear even when static that you have a battle with a  stubborn thoracic spine on your hands! Though occasionally you get one that is stiff and very straight. It is […]

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Increase ROM

How to Increase ROM

Following my post on ‘Magic Tricks for the Shoulder‘ I got a few questions. The questions relate to how to increase ROM in general. So I thought I would start with a general joint ROM post. Then maybe pick one or two specific joints over the next few weeks. There may be many reasons why a […]

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World Press Cycling Championship in Pictures

It’s fair to say that there are some things in life that have taken strange and wonderful twists and turns, taking me to places I never imagined. The Blog is definitely one of those. Inspired and encouraged by John Hardy it actually started while I was on Jury service…waiting in a holding area…where time stands […]

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Magic Tricks for the Shoulder!!

I’m sure every therapist has experience of these Magic Tricks! Whether you’ve done them yourself or observed them on courses. The seemingly miraculous happens and it is one hell of a rush when it does 🙂 Had 2 of these involving shoulders in the last couple of weeks. Magic trick 1! I was treating a […]

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