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Treating the Hypermobile SIJ

Continuing our series on the sacroiliac joint…we’ve looked at assessment strategies for the SIJ and strategies for working with hypomobile SIJ’s, now it’s time to look at the tricky hypermobile SIJ. Though I see these less compared to the hypomobile SIJ, you will see them and the symptoms can be very similar and extremely painful. […]

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Treating the Hypomobile SIJ

We are continuing on the sacroiliac joint theme, with a look at treating the hypomobile SIJ.  Yesterday certainly did get a reaction! I had some feedback regarding studies that show SIJ’s are often fused and the percentages rise with age. This could become a problem if trying to mobilise a fused joint. Though I don’t […]

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A Functional Approach to Hip Internal Rotation

Anyone who’s assessed or treated hips will know how common it is to find a limitation in hip internal rotation. There are many number of reasons why an assessment would lead you to look at hip internal rotation, with the most common being low back pain and knee pain. Though I would say I will […]

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The Hip in Gait

Just a quick one today.  The hip in gait is really interesting because it is such are powerful area in the body.  The hips can really help you out or really make gait difficult.  I’ve always been taught that before you are assessing movement at any joint you have to understand how the joint moves […]

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Quick Hitter: Hip Capsule Strategies

It’s pretty common, particularly in male patients for some reason, to find very stiff hips.  It’s often more than just transient tightness and normal stretching/ROM exercises con only get you so far.  There is often an element of capsular tightness that is much harder to get at, so today we’ll look at a few strategies […]

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Loading the Hip in Function

I was thinking about how the hip loads in function and realised that I always think of it as either loading from the bottom up or the top down.  I’m thinking of hip internal rotation here as it loads in two different ways in gait, loading from the bottom up as a front leg and […]

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