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Magic Tricks for the Shoulder!!

I’m sure every therapist has experience of these Magic Tricks! Whether you’ve done them yourself or observed them on courses. The seemingly miraculous happens and it is one hell of a rush when it does 🙂 Had 2 of these involving shoulders in the last couple of weeks. Magic trick 1! I was treating a […]

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Sequencing at the Shoulder

It took a while of studying gait to realise that one of the keys is not necessarily the joint movements or ROM, but the sequencing, in this case, sequencing at the shoulder.  When I first started studying with Gary Gray and Dave Tiberio they talked about a point of transformation.  Their theory (at that time) […]

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Quick Hitter Shoulder Strategies

For this quick hitter shoulder strategies post I’ll split it into assessment and treatment with a few quick strategies in each.  Assuming we are looking at a movement dysfunction rather than major pathologies…as they will need to be ruled out or understood prior to these this stage of the process. Assessment When looking at shoulder […]

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Frozen Shoulders!

I mentioned frozen shoulders in my post about last weeks clinic experience and so I thought I might elaborate on some of my thoughts about them.  I truly believe that my dislike of them comes from how long they last.  I think I’m addicted to the quick results I get from using function and IASTM. […]

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The Bullies and the Bullied – Part 2

On Monday we started talking about the bullies and the bullied.  In part 1 I talked about the bullies of the body and why they are so powerful.  Today we will look at the ‘bullied’ areas of the body. As I see it the bullies are the: Hips Feet Thoracic Spine and the bullied are […]

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Acromio-clavicular Joint Injury

Since I work with rugby, Acromio-Clavicular (AC joint) injuries are something I see on a fairly regular basis.  So much so that during an initial assessment it can be tricky to diagnose (or grade) when you look across at the other shoulder to compare and there is an old AC joint injury!! So no normal […]

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