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Increase ROM

How to Increase ROM

Following my post on ‘Magic Tricks for the Shoulder‘ I got a few questions. The questions relate to how to increase ROM in general. So I thought I would start with a general joint ROM post. Then maybe pick one or two specific joints over the next few weeks. There may be many reasons why a […]

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knee pain

Loading and Exploding

When we first learn about movement we are often introduced to concentric movement. Later eccentric and isometric may be added on. I remember these things being treated quite separately.  When you start digging a little deeper you look at the function and how these things may integrate together. When I first started to learn about […]

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Loading the Knee

Great response to the post last week on ‘The 3D Knee‘. So good in fact that I decided to follow it up this week with a post on loading the knee. On the surface of things it appears to be a really easy thing to do. In some ways of course, it is easy. When […]

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Getting Thoracic Spine Motion

Getting thoracic spine motion is something that I’m guessing we all struggle with from time to time? It’s one of the most stubborn parts of the body to get going. When it’s working for you it’s a really powerful friend, when it’s working against you it’s the most stubborn bully! I think one of the reasons […]

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Stubborn Thoracic

Driving Motion through the Lumbar Spine

When someone is recovering from a bad back there are a few vague phases that hopefully we as therapists can guide people through to full recovery. I think a lot of emphasis is put on the hands on/initial phase of the recovery, but what I’ve found less about is the final phase of getting motion […]

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5 Ways to Increase Dorsiflexion

Having talked about knee pain and the influence of the hip, I thought I might add some ideas for influencing the knee from the bottom up.  So here are some quick hitter ideas for increasing dorsiflexion, which I find to be one of the common limitations when someone comes to me with chronic knee pain. […]

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