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Interview: Injuries in Cycling

Hi Guys, it’s been a long time!! I was recently interviewed for the Cycling Time Trial Podcast and I thought it might be of interest…Enjoy!! Physioblogger CTTP: Injuries in Cycling Related PostsWelcome! Don't forget to sign up to our Newsletter —-> Functional Manual Therapy

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World Press Cycling Championship in Pictures

It’s fair to say that there are some things in life that have taken strange and wonderful twists and turns, taking me to places I never imagined. The Blog is definitely one of those. Inspired and encouraged by John Hardy it actually started while I was on Jury service…waiting in a holding area…where time stands […]

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World Press Cycling Championships

Well, I’ve arrived in Greece ahead of the World Press Cycling Championships. Racing starts on Thursday with the Sprint, which is probably the event I am most looking forward to…and not just because it only lasts a dozen seconds or so!! That’s followed by a time trial on Friday, Team Tim Trial on Saturday and […]

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Post Op Ankle

One part of physio I really enjoy in post op treatment and rehab, particularly the post op ankle. Obviously, there are different protocols depending on the exact nature of the injury and surgery. The most recent case I’ve seen is that of a surgically repaired syndesmosis sprain. To read more on these see: Ankle Syndesmosis Injury […]

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The Forefoot Equinus

As I am currently on holiday and spending some much needed family time, I decided for this week I would post one of my favourite ever posts on the forefoot equinus foot deformity…Enjoy 🙂 Well, my obsession with the foot continues!!  Today we will look at the forefoot equinus.  I see a fair few of […]

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Free Ankle Sprains Article

Just to let you know, there is a FREE ‘Functional Approach to Ankle Sprains‘ when you sign up to the physioblogger newsletter.  To be clear I will never share your email with anyone and I never broadcast an email more than 1-2 t imes per week. Sign up on the left of the page to get […]

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