knee pain

Loading and Exploding

When we first learn about movement we are often introduced to concentric movement. Later eccentric and isometric may be added on. I remember these things being treated quite separately.  When you start digging a little deeper you look at the function and how these things may integrate together. When I first started to learn about […]

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How does the Knee Abduct?

I’ve become a little knee dominant over the last couple of weeks, but I’m getting some interesting questions about how the knee achieves some of its’ movements. Particularly, I get asked about ‘how does the knee abduct?’ It’s the one that is most common, because it is a little tricky to get your head around, […]

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Loading the Knee

Great response to the post last week on ‘The 3D Knee‘. So good in fact that I decided to follow it up this week with a post on loading the knee. On the surface of things it appears to be a really easy thing to do. In some ways of course, it is easy. When […]

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Functional Manual Therapy

The 3D Knee

I’m a big believer in the 3D knee. However, I remember when I was taught about the knee as a personal trainer and it was very much thought of as a hinge. This did’t change much through my training as a physio and still now I read a lot that almost ignores the knee in […]

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Getting Thoracic Spine Motion

Getting thoracic spine motion is something that I’m guessing we all struggle with from time to time? It’s one of the most stubborn parts of the body to get going. When it’s working for you it’s a really powerful friend, when it’s working against you it’s the most stubborn bully! I think one of the reasons […]

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Post Op Ankle

One part of physio I really enjoy in post op treatment and rehab, particularly the post op ankle. Obviously, there are different protocols depending on the exact nature of the injury and surgery. The most recent case I’ve seen is that of a surgically repaired syndesmosis sprain. To read more on these see: Ankle Syndesmosis Injury […]

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