Advanced Functional Rehabilitation

Understanding Movement in Function


This 22 page, fully illustrated article gives you a comprehensive way of understanding movement.
Here is the table of contents for this article:

Principles of Function – Page 2-9

–  Gravity, Ground Reaction Force, Mass and Momentum – Page 2-3
–  Movement is Driven/Subconscious – Page 3-4
–  Joint Relationships – Page 4-7
–  System Flexibility – Page 7-9

Functional Anatomy – Page 10-11

–  The Bones and Joints of the Movement System – Page 10-11

Understanding Movement – 11-19

–  Bones Move – Page 11-12
–  Joints Feel – Page 13-15
–  Muscles React – Page 15- 19

Application in Assessment and Treatment – Page 19-22

–  Analysing Bone Motions – Page 
–  Working out How a Joint is Moving – Page
–  Building a Functional Assessment – Page
–  Building a Functional Treatment – Page
–  Building a Muscle Focussed Exercise – Page

Product Description

understanding movement

Understanding Movement


Understanding Movement

The aim of this article is a to provide a comprehensive way of understanding movement and is the foundation of all of my articles.

In this article we will:

–  Explore the principles of function that underpin functional movement

–  Look at the anatomy and functional anatomy you need for understanding movement.

–  Get a detailed analysis of human movement.

–  Learn how to apply the principles of function, the functional anatomy and movement analysis to master functional assessment and treatment.



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