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Orthotics: First Ray Cut Out

I think it’s fair to say I’ve always had a massive interest in feet.  One thing I spent a lot of time thinking about, but found it difficult to learn about was orthotics.  I see so many patients that either have them or have tried them previously and I wanted to know more about them. […]

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Anatomical Foot Deformities

The feet are extremely powerful when it comes to movement being successful or not.  This is most likely for a few reasons, firstly, because it is the feet that hit the floor, they are the first link in the chain of a vast majority of our movements.  If at this point they go through motions […]

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Foot and Ankle Series: First Ray and Big Toe

We’ve had an awesome week talking about the foot and ankle in function, it’s assessment and treatment. Today we will be talking about the first ray and big toe, which can cause as many problems as all the other joints! The foot and ankle holds so much power…that is why I think dysfunction at the […]

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