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ACL Sprain Case Study: Second Treatment

Just before Christmas I saw a really interesting patient with a  history of ACL sprain that had been managed conservatively.   He was currently unable to participate in his favourite sport of rugby.  The main problems we were trying to address were: plantar flexed first ray stiff left sub talar joint poor balance feeling of […]

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ACL Sprain Case Study: First Treatment

In the ACL Sprain Assessment post of this case study, we managed to look at the feet and the hips.  Just to recap, here are the significant findings from the assessment: plantar flexed first ray stiff distal tib/fib joint poor balance tightness in left quads with scar tissue around left knee loss of hyperextension on […]

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New Case Study: ACL Sprain

All the case studies I’ve done so far have been based on things I have done, where I treatment has been completed.  They are usually cases that are interesting for one reason or another and demonstrate a particular understanding of function.  However, this one will be a live and ongoing!!  So far, I’ve only done […]

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