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Stubborn Thoracic

Driving Motion through the Lumbar Spine

When someone is recovering from a bad back there are a few vague phases that hopefully we as therapists can guide people through to full recovery. I think a lot of emphasis is put on the hands on/initial phase of the recovery, but what I’ve found less about is the final phase of getting motion […]

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Advanced Functional Rehabilitation

Understanding Movement

One of the most profound (and possibly most simple!!) ideas that help with understanding movement is the process of bones move, joints feel and muscles react.  This was something we developed at FASTER Health and Fitness quite a few years ago now.  So today we will look at understanding movement through this ‘lens’. The Thought […]

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2013 FASTER Conference

Last weekend saw the 2nd annual FASTER Conference and I was lucky enough to have a little time off to attend.  Having not really done any learning in my 3 weeks off I was glad to get a chance to learn…all crammed into 3 days of awesome speakers. Last years conference was incredible, with some […]

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FASTER Conference

Here’s a look at the brochure for the very exciting FASTER Conference coming up in May. Take a look and see the list of names speaking, they are industry leading names from all areas of therapy, training and sports performance.  Should prove to be one of the most cutting edge educational experiences in the UK. […]

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Acromio-clavicular Joint Injury

Since I work with rugby, Acromio-Clavicular (AC joint) injuries are something I see on a fairly regular basis.  So much so that during an initial assessment it can be tricky to diagnose (or grade) when you look across at the other shoulder to compare and there is an old AC joint injury!! So no normal […]

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Foundations of Movement: Bringing it Together

It was a great week last week, getting back to basics and going through the thought process of bones move, joints feel and muscles react.  Thanks for sharing all the posts, it really helps and is much appreciated 🙂  I thought one more post on the topic was a good idea…just to bring things together […]

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