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Post Op Ankle

One part of physio I really enjoy in post op treatment and rehab, particularly the post op ankle. Obviously, there are different protocols depending on the exact nature of the injury and surgery. The most recent case I’ve seen is that of a surgically repaired syndesmosis sprain. To read more on these see: Ankle Syndesmosis Injury […]

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5 Ways to Increase Dorsiflexion

Having talked about knee pain and the influence of the hip, I thought I might add some ideas for influencing the knee from the bottom up.  So here are some quick hitter ideas for increasing dorsiflexion, which I find to be one of the common limitations when someone comes to me with chronic knee pain. […]

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Foot Mechanics Series: Bringing things Together

I’ve really enjoyed writing about the foot and ankle this week…which you probably noticed  and today I thought it would be good to finish the series by bringing it all together. It is a series I have been thinking about writing this series for a while, but I didn’t realise quite how much I was going […]

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The First Ray and Big Toe

We’ve had an awesome week or 2 talking about the foot and ankle in function. Today we will be talking about the first ray and big toe, which can cause as many problems as all the other joints! The foot and ankle holds so much power…that is why I think dysfunction at the foot and ankle can […]

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Foot Mechanics in Gait: Part 3 – The Back Foot

So far in this series we have looked at an overview of motions in the STJ, TCJ and MTJ and a more detailed look at the Front Foot Mechanics in Gait. Part 3 will look in more detail at what is going on to create the back foot motions. First thing to note is the […]

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Foot Mechanics in Gait – Part 2: The Front foot

Not the catchiest title I’ve ever written!!  However, in a follow-up to last weeks post ‘Foot Mechanics in Gait‘ I wanted to get a bit more in depth.  Partly because even though last weeks post was 1000 words it was still very much a skim over information and there is so much more to be […]

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