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Thoracic Exercise Video

Thanks for reading the blog yesterday, here is the video of the type I and type II thoracic exercises I used in the thoracic case study: This strategy is really powerful and not to be underestimated!! I also do lots of variations where I hold one hand and drive with the other, or position both […]

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Quick Case Study: Thoracic Spine

Before 15 Year old male, more of a movement dysfunction problem than pain. I watched him squat and recorded it on kinesio Capture…take a look… You can see from this that there is a fair bit going on, I looked at it a couple of times, you can see that he is over using his […]

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Fryette’s Laws

I was recently discussing strategies for a Parkinsons patient with a friend and we started discussing Fryette’s laws. These are a set of three laws that describe the movements of the spine. Laws I and II are for the lumbar and thoracic spine and state that when the spine is in ‘neutral’ that side bending […]

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