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Position Versus Motion

This is one of those things that is relatively simple, but is something that can trip you up and certainly I have ended up in arguments where it turns out we are talking about the same thing, but there is a mis-understanding about position versus motion.  Particularly when you are writing (!?) it’s easy to […]

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Movement Screen

It’s fair to say this is a subject I have written about a few times before. I’ve been back and fore on the reasoning behind a movement screen.  Early in my training/therapeutic life, really quite in favour of screening, the idea of a simple set of tests that gave me objective results and told me […]

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Advanced Functional Rehab

Launching Physioblogger Live Course!!

Advanced Functional Rehab Advanced Functional Rehab is the first live course from Physioblogger and will be a live, practical  exploration of the concepts in the Advanced Article ‘Understanding Movement in Function‘. The course will be held at the Ospreys Training Ground at the Llandarcy Academy of Sport on the 25th of July.  Places will be […]

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5 Ways to Increase Dorsiflexion

Having talked about knee pain and the influence of the hip, I thought I might add some ideas for influencing the knee from the bottom up.  So here are some quick hitter ideas for increasing dorsiflexion, which I find to be one of the common limitations when someone comes to me with chronic knee pain. […]

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Analysing the Explode of the Tennis Serve

On Monday we looked at the load of the tennis serve. Well, we got as far as the first part of the load, which is when the explode starts. However, as those who have read my post on ‘The Whip Effect‘ will know, the explode at one part of the kinetic chain triggers the final […]

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Classifying Foot Function and Dysfunction

This is something that has come to mind since reading the tweets of a podiatrist guy I follow on Twitter.  He’s always interesting to read and does seem to get a lot of debate going.  The recent ones have focussed on the lack of science behind the barefoot running trend and the one that inspired […]

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