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Stubborn Thoracic

Driving Motion through the Lumbar Spine

When someone is recovering from a bad back there are a few vague phases that hopefully we as therapists can guide people through to full recovery. I think a lot of emphasis is put on the hands on/initial phase of the recovery, but what I’ve found less about is the final phase of getting motion […]

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Movement Screen

It’s fair to say this is a subject I have written about a few times before. I’ve been back and fore on the reasoning behind a movement screen.  Early in my training/therapeutic life, really quite in favour of screening, the idea of a simple set of tests that gave me objective results and told me […]

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How Do Muscles Work…Part 2

Obviously, a really interesting topic…partly because we don’t know for sure yet.  I listened to a great talk about some of the research that is going on at the moment.  Absolutely fascinating stuff!!  It made me wonder if any of the questions I have will ever be answered in my career?  Got to be honest…I […]

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How do Muscles Work?

How Do Muscles Work? Hope you all enjoyed the weekend…have to say I did 🙂 and decided not to write for a few days…felt weird!!  But back to it now. How do muscles work is an interesting question, because I think there is so much received wisdom when it comes to muscles and muscle function.  For […]

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Understanding Movement Dysfunction

Understanding movement dysfunction is an ever illusive topic.  I can see myself in my 70’s still pondering the best ways to try and understand, categories and screen for movement dysfunction (hopefully in a warm country!!).  However, striving for the best framework to assess and treat is something we all have to do, otherwise we would […]

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Sequencing at the Shoulder

It took a while of studying gait to realise that one of the keys is not necessarily the joint movements or ROM, but the sequencing, in this case, sequencing at the shoulder.  When I first started studying with Gary Gray and Dave Tiberio they talked about a point of transformation.  Their theory (at that time) […]

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