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Movement Screen

It’s fair to say this is a subject I have written about a few times before. I’ve been back and fore on the reasoning behind a movement screen.  Early in my training/therapeutic life, really quite in favour of screening, the idea of a simple set of tests that gave me objective results and told me […]

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Advanced Functional Rehabilitation

Understanding Movement

One of the most profound (and possibly most simple!!) ideas that help with understanding movement is the process of bones move, joints feel and muscles react.  This was something we developed at FASTER Health and Fitness quite a few years ago now.  So today we will look at understanding movement through this ‘lens’. The Thought […]

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Understanding Movement Dysfunction

Understanding movement dysfunction is an ever illusive topic.  I can see myself in my 70’s still pondering the best ways to try and understand, categories and screen for movement dysfunction (hopefully in a warm country!!).  However, striving for the best framework to assess and treat is something we all have to do, otherwise we would […]

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Cycling and Function

It’s strange to think that I’ve been writing this blog for over 18 months and I’ve not really ever talked about the sport I’ve spent most time doing…cycling!  Maybe it’s because in that time I’ve not done as much and haven’t done any racing.  Once my eldest was born exercise went out the window and […]

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Muscle Function: How do they Work?

There are probably 1000’s of things that we either don’t have a clue about or only have theories about…but don’t know if they are true or not!!  Muscle function is definitely one of those that has plenty of attention, but not a lot of certainty.  If someone does profess to ‘know’ how muscles function, be […]

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'Functional Training' Has it become Meaningless?

Language is a really powerful thing…Something I certainly haven’t mastered, as you can tell!!  However, I’ve been thinking about how some words change their meaning over time and how some words become meaningless.  Functional training is certainly one of those that is becoming meaningless.  Others on my mind include ‘Evidence Based Practise’, ‘stability’ and ‘core […]

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