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Treating Knee Pain – Case Study

We’re assessing and treating knee pain in one of my patients in this case study…our assessment revealed plenty to work on, including, the right foot, right thoracic lateral flexion and right thoracic rotation. This post will show you the videos after treatment. We did the assessment yesterday (to view the assessment videos click here: Knee Pain: […]

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knee pain

Knee Pain – A Case Study

Knee Pain is extremely common and can be for many reasons, sometimes related to a direct trauma (causing anything from bruising/swelling to ligament or meniscus tears) or it can be something the comes on gradually for no apparent reason and is more diffuse pain, which is harder to put your finger on. Here’s the plan: […]

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The Knee is a Hinge!!!

This used to be a fairly common mis-conception, but to be honest I thought those days were in the past.  So I was pretty shocked to read something by an author/therapist I really like saying that the knee is basically a hinge!!  I couldn’t believe it… I can see why this is an easy assumption […]

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Functional Manual Therapy of the Knee

Inspired a little by last weeks posts about the knee I was thinking about what treatments I do specifically for the knee.  It’s fair to say that most of my treatments for the knee will address issues at the foot and hip predominantly as it is far more likely that I will find the long […]

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Treating Knee Pain

Treating Knee pain is one of those things that is really interesting to me.  You have to make a choice…what is best for the patient that day…treating the symptoms or treating the root cause?  I used to be very sure of myself in believing that you should only be spending the vast majority of time […]

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Squat Before

Knee Pain – Treatment

Today is the second of the ‘revisited’ posts looking at a knee pain treatment post I wrote over a year ago now. It’s an interesting read and there are some things I would do exactly the same a year on and some things I might change a little. See what you think and I’ll add […]

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