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Stubborn Thoracic

Driving Motion through the Lumbar Spine

When someone is recovering from a bad back there are a few vague phases that hopefully we as therapists can guide people through to full recovery. I think a lot of emphasis is put on the hands on/initial phase of the recovery, but what I’ve found less about is the final phase of getting motion […]

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The Lumbar Spine in Gait

I’ve been ranting a fair bit lately, so I thought it was time to get back to the functional movement based posts that are what this blog is all about 🙂  So today we will be looking at the lumbar spine in gait. It’s a tricky one in a lot of ways, there’s lots going […]

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Principles of Function: Moving in 3D

I mentioned yesterday that I thought that a bit of time getting back to basics would be good this week.  Whenever I feel the need to do that I look at the list of principles of function that I feel underpin everything we do.  This originally came from Gary Gray, I think he had 8 […]

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Lumbar Motion - Extension

The Functional Lumbar Spine

Today I thought a look at the spine from the bones move, joints feel and muscles react point of view would be interesting.  Motion in the spine is both complex and difficult to see, particularly at a joint by joint level.  However, I’m not sure it’s always necessary to know the ins and outs at […]

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Creating Lumbar Spine Motion

Today I thought I’d look through my favourite ways of creating lumbar spine motion.  What ever the dysfunction, at some stage you will have to get your patient or client successful at all lumbar spine movements.  You cannot limit motion and you cannot avoid motion.  The spine will move in all motions at some point […]

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A Functional Approach to the Lumbar Spine

Low back pain is such a prevalent thing in life these days, there are a million and one different approaches and miracle cures.  As a result of so many strong opinions debates can get pretty heated!  I think as a practitioner you adopt an approach that fits in with your thought process, based on all […]

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