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Movement Screen

It’s fair to say this is a subject I have written about a few times before. I’ve been back and fore on the reasoning behind a movement screen.  Early in my training/therapeutic life, really quite in favour of screening, the idea of a simple set of tests that gave me objective results and told me […]

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Analysing the Load of the Tennis Serve

Obviously, it’s the Wimbledon time of year, where most of the country go tennis mad…including myself.  It’s just such a fascinating sport to watch, serious amounts of skill combined with amazing athletic movement…what more could you want?  So I thought, in that spirit I would take a look at analysing the load of the tennis […]

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compensated movement

My Movement Screen

I honestly can’t remember the last time I wrote about my movement screen, I’ll have to look back and remind myself!  Well…I just re-read some of the posts…really interesting to read what I thought 9 months ago!!  There was one good point which I actually forgot about in my recent…sequencing.  Can’t believe I forgot about […]

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Movement Screens – Sequencing

Understanding sequencing was always going to the most tricky one, but as so often in life it’s probably the one with the most importance.  I’ve been doing a lot of movement screening lately, both in my normal assessments and in a more formal way to get video footage.  It’s really interesting and continues to be […]

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Movement Screen – Functional ROM

OK, so I’ve let the ideas rome around my head for long enough.  After writing the last post (Movement Screen – The Testing Categories) I was able to think through the ideas a little and hopefully we can develop them a little.  I’m pretty sure I don’t like the acceleration category…I wasn’t sure about it […]

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My Movement Screen – The Testing Categories

Today I wanted to look a little more at exactly what I will be testing if I had my own movement screen.  I guess there are different areas that need testing and then there will be a few tests within each area.  I have no idea how this is going to work out…I’m basically thinking […]

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