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How Do Muscles Work…Part 2

Obviously, a really interesting topic…partly because we don’t know for sure yet.  I listened to a great talk about some of the research that is going on at the moment.  Absolutely fascinating stuff!!  It made me wonder if any of the questions I have will ever be answered in my career?  Got to be honest…I […]

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How do Muscles Work?

How Do Muscles Work? Hope you all enjoyed the weekend…have to say I did 🙂 and decided not to write for a few days…felt weird!!  But back to it now. How do muscles work is an interesting question, because I think there is so much received wisdom when it comes to muscles and muscle function.  For […]

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Muscles and How they Work?

I know that no-one really knows the answer to this for sure, and I’ve written before on my thoughts about muscle function (Muscle Function), this post is a good place to start.  However, I’ve also written about the function of specific muscles (Gluts, Adductors). I certainly don’t believe I know all the answers, however, I […]

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Muscle Function: How do they Work?

There are probably 1000’s of things that we either don’t have a clue about or only have theories about…but don’t know if they are true or not!!  Muscle function is definitely one of those that has plenty of attention, but not a lot of certainty.  If someone does profess to ‘know’ how muscles function, be […]

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Muscles Reacting: How they Work?

Big statement!!!  Especially since I’m convinced we don’t yet know how muscles function in complex movements.  I do love thinking about it though 🙂 Anyway, today I thought a ‘getting back to basics’ with muscle function would be good.  I know it’s always going to be a little tricky to keep muscle function simple!  But […]

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Muscle Function

I wrote this post about muscle function about 6 months ago. Have a read and feel free to comment. I’m going to follow it up with some updated thoughts, but I’d love to hear what you think 🙂 I want to preface the following comments with the fact that it is only my opinion. Part […]

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