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knee pain

Loading and Exploding

When we first learn about movement we are often introduced to concentric movement. Later eccentric and isometric may be added on. I remember these things being treated quite separately.  When you start digging a little deeper you look at the function and how these things may integrate together. When I first started to learn about […]

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Position Versus Motion

This is one of those things that is relatively simple, but is something that can trip you up and certainly I have ended up in arguments where it turns out we are talking about the same thing, but there is a mis-understanding about position versus motion.  Particularly when you are writing (!?) it’s easy to […]

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Using Gravity, GRF, Mass and Momentum in Rehab

First of all, thank you for all your sharing of the original post about gravity, GRF, mass and momentum.  It really helps get the post out there and is very much appreciated. So today the we’ll look at the strategies I use for taking advantage of these powerful principles of function.  I’ll split them down […]

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How do Muscles Work?

How Do Muscles Work? Hope you all enjoyed the weekend…have to say I did 🙂 and decided not to write for a few days…felt weird!!  But back to it now. How do muscles work is an interesting question, because I think there is so much received wisdom when it comes to muscles and muscle function.  For […]

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compensated movement

What is Compensated Movement?

What is a Compensated Movement? What is a Compensated Movement?  is a question asked by Adam recently and one I’ve asked of others and myself previously.  On the face of it, a fairly simple question to answer.  However, it’s really got me thinking!  Initially, my thought was that it was an alternative movement used by the […]

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assessing the thoracic spine

The 5 Ways of getting Joint motion

I was lucky enough to go to a talk on a ‘Functional Approach to the Cervical Spine’ at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic at the University of Glamorgan.  I went because it was being taught by the awesome Nick Studholme who I would shoe heartedly recommend seeing at any opportunity. To the untrained observer the […]

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