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Sequencing at the Shoulder

It took a while of studying gait to realise that one of the keys is not necessarily the joint movements or ROM, but the sequencing, in this case, sequencing at the shoulder.  When I first started studying with Gary Gray and Dave Tiberio they talked about a point of transformation.  Their theory (at that time) […]

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Quick Hitter Shoulder Strategies

For this quick hitter shoulder strategies post I’ll split it into assessment and treatment with a few quick strategies in each.  Assuming we are looking at a movement dysfunction rather than major pathologies…as they will need to be ruled out or understood prior to these this stage of the process. Assessment When looking at shoulder […]

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Quick Hitter for the Functional Shoulder

Just a quick thought today about inspired by one of my recent patients.  I was assessing their right shoulder and had them in their function.  I asked them to hold the position they needed.  They were able to get themselves into position, but having asked them to hold the position (approx 90 degrees of scaption) […]

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Functional Approach to Shoulder Treatment

Last week we talked about a Functional Shoulder Assessment and I promised a follow up on the corresponding treatment strategies.  So today it’s Functional Shoulder Treatment strategies. I split the assessment into 3 sections: Scap Thoracic Thoracic Spine Hip and Foot So we will follow this pattern with the treatment to keep it consistent.  However, be […]

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Functional Shoulder Assessment

I’ve talked about shoulder assessment before, but based on yesterdays talk about treatment philosophy I felt I could add a few thoughts.  Functional shoulder assessment can be in a very interesting and varied pursuit 🙂  though again I have some relatively standard assessment strategies to start off with, they are only there to start you […]

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Functional Shoulder Treatment

I recently shared some thoughts on Functional Shoulder Assessment but I couldn’t go into my strategies in detail as it would have become a bit of a marathon read!! So here are my strategies for treating part one…the scap thoracic joint: The scenario I described was where the initial injury had to a large degree […]

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