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knee pain

Knee Pain – A Case Study

Knee Pain is extremely common and can be for many reasons, sometimes related to a direct trauma (causing anything from bruising/swelling to ligament or meniscus tears) or it can be something the comes on gradually for no apparent reason and is more diffuse pain, which is harder to put your finger on. Here’s the plan: […]

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compensated movement

My Movement Screen

I honestly can’t remember the last time I wrote about my movement screen, I’ll have to look back and remind myself!  Well…I just re-read some of the posts…really interesting to read what I thought 9 months ago!!  There was one good point which I actually forgot about in my recent…sequencing.  Can’t believe I forgot about […]

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ACL Sprain Case Study: Second Treatment

Just before Christmas I saw a really interesting patient with a  history of ACL sprain that had been managed conservatively.   He was currently unable to participate in his favourite sport of rugby.  The main problems we were trying to address were: plantar flexed first ray stiff left sub talar joint poor balance feeling of […]

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Quick Case Study: Knee Giving Way

I had a really interesting patient a month or so ago. He was a fit and healthy 56 year old man complaining that his left knee was giving when he squatted below about 90 degrees knee flexion, which was affecting his hobby of sailing, as he needed to full range squat fairly regularly and each […]

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3 Functional Hip Assessment Strategies

Today we are going to look at functional hip assessment strategies. In my recent posts about the foot, I was limited by the word count, so I couldn’t take the natural step of assessing the hip…the next bully along the chain. I had to isolate the foot, but of course the body works as whole […]

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Foot and Ankle Series: Bringing it Together

I’ve really enjoyed writing about the foot and ankle this week…which you probably noticed 😉 and today I thought it would be good to finish the series by bringing it all together. It is a series I have been thinking about writing this series for a while, but I didn’t realise quite how much I […]

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