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3 Ways to Increase Thoracic Extension

I’ve said before that in the early part of my career I underestimated the thoracic spine, particularly thoracic extension.  Even now I find myself looking at it relatively late on in my thoracic spine treatments…which annoys me because I should know better by now!!  So today, in an effort to keep these things in the […]

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treating knee pain

Treating Knee Pain – Case Study

We’re assessing and treating knee pain in one of my patients in this case study…our assessment revealed plenty to work on, including, the right foot, right thoracic lateral flexion and right thoracic rotation. This post will show you the videos after treatment. We did the assessment yesterday (to view the assessment videos click here: Knee Pain: […]

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Analysing More Complex Movement

A few weeks ago we looked at how we determine how a joint moves in function.  We used an example of knee rotation in gait, which is ok…but I wanted to look at a more complex movement and I wanted to show the flow of motion through the body.  I thought a lunge might be […]

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Treating Knee Pain

Treating Knee pain is one of those things that is really interesting to me.  You have to make a choice…what is best for the patient that day…treating the symptoms or treating the root cause?  I used to be very sure of myself in believing that you should only be spending the vast majority of time […]

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Functional Cervical Spine Treatment

The cervical spine is an extremely complex area of the body, particularly when dealing with the upper cervical spine.  However, there are still some simple functional approaches that work really well.  I always stick to the rule that the movements should be pain free. I like to use type I and II motion, like I’ve […]

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Principles of Function: Joint Relationships in Treatment

On Tuesday we talked about this very important principle of function in assessment.  It was supposed to be one post, but the word count was starting to get close to my limit for a post…so I decided to split it into separate assessment and treatment posts.  So, today we will look at how we can […]

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