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Getting Thoracic Spine Motion

Getting thoracic spine motion is something that I’m guessing we all struggle with from time to time? It’s one of the most stubborn parts of the body to get going. When it’s working for you it’s a really powerful friend, when it’s working against you it’s the most stubborn bully! I think one of the reasons […]

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3 Ways to Increase Thoracic Extension

I’ve said before that in the early part of my career I underestimated the thoracic spine, particularly thoracic extension.  Even now I find myself looking at it relatively late on in my thoracic spine treatments…which annoys me because I should know better by now!!  So today, in an effort to keep these things in the […]

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treating knee pain

Treating Knee Pain – Case Study

We’re assessing and treating knee pain in one of my patients in this case study…our assessment revealed plenty to work on, including, the right foot, right thoracic lateral flexion and right thoracic rotation. This post will show you the videos after treatment. We did the assessment yesterday (to view the assessment videos click here: Knee Pain: […]

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knee pain

Knee Pain – A Case Study

Knee Pain is extremely common and can be for many reasons, sometimes related to a direct trauma (causing anything from bruising/swelling to ligament or meniscus tears) or it can be something the comes on gradually for no apparent reason and is more diffuse pain, which is harder to put your finger on. Here’s the plan: […]

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Back in the Stretch Cage

After about 2-3 years without my beloved stretch cage, I’ve finally got it back in my practise!!  My colleagues and I have talked many times about getting it in our clinic, however, it was difficult to say where is would fit in.  However, with a combination of factors coming together and a very determined Brian…we […]

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Stubborn Thoracic

Upper Thoracic, Lower Cervical Exercises

It’s good to be back…though I’m a little out of practise!!  My inspiration for this one comes from my own personal injury.  I’m actually contending with 2 at the moment and it’s my own fault for not getting on top of them early! The History About a month ago I was wrestling my 2 young […]

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